Vintage Promise Rings For Girlfriends

A vintage promise ring is more than just jewelry. It represents an everlasting commitment of love and devotion in a romantic relationship.

Find the perfect ring for your special someone from our collection of vintage promise rings for girlfriends. From engraved designs to classic Claddagh and heart-frame promises, Zales offers a wide variety of unique Promise rings for couples in various price ranges.

Cinderella Promise Band

In the days of grunge and hair metal, Cinderella became press darlings with their first two albums. However, by the time of their 1994 release Long Cold Winter, Keifer’s voice was showing signs of trouble. His vocal cords had started to show signs of wear and tear and, by his own admission, he was unsure whether his musical career was over.

Then, he met Jon Bon Jovi who recommended them to his record label and things began to look up. Although the band’s early success would fade and guitarist Jeff LaBar passed away in 2021, Cinderella continued to tour and produce albums.

Inspired by the glass slipper that leads Cinderella and the Prince to happiness, this ring features a magical blue topaz hidden inside the cloisonne design on the outside. It’s the perfect symbol of true love and a reminder to always believe in your dreams. This ring comes with an exclusive Disney Cinderella case to protect your treasure.

Family Heirloom

A family heirloom is anything that has been passed down through generations with a great deal of sentimental value. These items are more than just a valuable antique, though; they can also reveal important information about a family’s history and culture.

Heirlooms can be anything from jewelry to furniture to recipes to photographs, and they often have a story behind them. If you want your heirloom to have a true legacy, it’s important to keep it in good condition. The best way to do this is to keep a record of its history. This can be as simple as writing down the date and place that your heirloom was first found or as detailed as keeping a genealogy journal of its history.

Rings are one of the most popular heirloom pieces, but they’re not the only ones. Heirlooms can also include cameos, hairpins and hat pins, brooches, pearl necklaces and earrings. If you want to make sure that your heirloom will be preserved for the future, consider storing it in a special place.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

As lab diamonds become more prevalent in the marketplace, they are also becoming less expensive. Unlike natural diamonds, whose origin can only be traced with specialized equipment, every lab created diamond is guaranteed to be ethical and conflict-free.

While many people may refer to lab diamonds as synthetic, man-made or microwave diamonds, they are real diamonds atomically and optically. Their lower price point allows for larger and more beautiful diamonds, but it is important to remember that lab grown diamonds are a fashion accessory and will not keep their monetary value into the future like natural diamonds do.

On a grey January morning in 2019, Meghan Markle stunned the world when she arrived at work in London wearing a pair of diamond earrings that were made with lab-created diamonds. At Kinn, you can shop a collection of scintillating lab grown diamond rings and everyday fine jewelry pieces that combine sustainability with modern production. All lab created diamonds over half a carat are GIA certified and come with a certificate.

Halo Pear Shaped Ring

When it comes to diamond rings, the pear shape is a symbol of beauty and grace. This unique cut, also known as the teardrop, combines the curved sides of an oval with the pointed tip of a marquise-cut diamond to create a mesmerizing silhouette that’s ideal for halo engagement rings.

A favorite of celebrities and trendsetters, the pear shaped diamond’s beauty is enhanced by the allure of a halo setting, which magnifies its brilliance and allure. This delicate dance of pave diamonds encircles the center stone in a mesmerizing dance that elevates the gem to an unsurpassed level.

Shop for the perfect halo ring to fit your personality and style with our collection of designer rings from some of the best jewelry brands in the world. Tacori fuses timeless sophistication with pear-shaped halo engagement rings, while Kirk Kara’s floral filigree and peek-a-boo diamonds complement these romantic pieces. And Coastal Crescent’s halo designs showcase the pear-shaped diamond to its fullest potential.


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